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should we have to do units during pe February 5, 2010

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no because unit stink


5 Responses to “should we have to do units during pe”

  1. m3covo Says:

    I personaly think that units are no fun. I would rather have all fitness days with kickball.

  2. megamush Says:

    Well, physical education is a class too. They need to teach us things during PE too, and that’s what units do. For example, when we do the basketball unit, we learn who invented it, when, how to play basketball, and then we have a final test.
    So, we need to learn in PE like every class, so I say yes.

  3. dolphinlover10 Says:

    I love units except if it is like yoga or something so i say yes

  4. hyperkiller Says:

    i say yes but i want to play baksetball and hockey and flickerball becaus they are the ones i wont’t to do the most the

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