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should there be girls P.E. and boys P.E? February 5, 2010

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i think no cause then the girls get to pone the boys!!!   LOL


13 Responses to “should there be girls P.E. and boys P.E?”

  1. puppies0565 Says:

    No becuase some people like to hang together even if there eather a girl or a boy.

  2. Piedude41 Says:

    Maybe, but i kind of like having boys and girls P.E.

  3. benis1 Says:

    no because it gets boring with just boys or just girls

  4. sevaman Says:

    Ya, then we get to play more fun games, like dodgeball, and paintball.

  5. meddr Says:

    No because we will do better because not all BFF’s focus on P.E. grades when talking to each other.

    • pandagwen Says:

      I say no because girls are just as tough as boys. And should get the same amount of exercise. Girls can do anything boys can do but, in high heels! Girl Power!♀♀♀

  6. willdolk Says:

    i think no just because its fun pegging girls with dodge balls.

  7. yes but no i say yes because boys can get rele competitive and i say no becuz for some games its fun to have girls and boys

  8. basketball30 Says:

    it is fun to go girls vs. boys

  9. jakechristopher Says:

    yes because then the boys can play football and stuff like that and the girls go jumprope and huluhoop and all that boring stuff

  10. penguinluver08 Says:

    yes, because the boys are way to competetive!!!

  11. silentblade14 Says:

    i think yes because the girls are to uncompetetive!!!!!

  12. oyercha Says:

    NO i hang out with girls and guys so i would be so bored!!!!

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