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should teachers be able to use there cellphones in school if the student cant February 5, 2010

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i dont think so


17 Responses to “should teachers be able to use there cellphones in school if the student cant”

  1. umbreonluver5 Says:

    Yes, because I think that they might need it with them more than we do. Why, besides calling their parents, would student’s need their cellphone with them at school anyway?

    • littlelelliedog97 Says:

      i agree sonny we don’t really need phones in school and if we did need it for some reason we could walk down the hall.


    • ittybitty77 Says:

      i agree and like some of our teachers are parents and if there children need to reach them then they have there fone

  2. benis1 Says:

    ya because teacher are the ones teaching and they already know everything they need while the students are the ones learning so they need to pay attention.

  3. pandagwen Says:

    No, when they use their phones we should be able to.

  4. i say no becuase its not fair

  5. basketball30 Says:

    no way it is not fair

  6. sevaman Says:

    I agree with umbreonluver5, besides, what if something serious happens, then the students, nor the teachers would be able to call for help.

  7. milkman44 Says:

    yes becuse i think that they need it more often then we do

  8. puppies0565 Says:

    Yes becuase well, they are the teacher.

  9. meddr Says:

    Exactly umbreonluver5. I agree

  10. catlover997 Says:

    no i dont think they should because its not fair if we cant use our phones but we cant i think the only reason that they should be able to is if someone in their family is in the hospital or is sick at home or something like that.
    🙂 Jamie

  11. Volleyballchic3 Says:

    I think no cuz that is not fair. I think they should only be aloud to have them in the room incase of an emergince!

  12. oitker30 Says:

    If they do we do to

  13. iluvcookiedoh98 Says:

    NO WAYYY!!!!!!!! it would be like them waving it in ur face!!! but i dont got one so i dont care

  14. oyercha Says:

    no its unfair that they can text and call people when we cant

  15. thecrow666 Says:

    Absoulutely not they have no right to take our cellphones if we cant take theres i see our teachers constantly using there cell phones to text and call whoever if we cant do that they shouldnt beable to its unconstitutional
    (o\ /o)
    //:.v.:\\ ΩDRAVENΩ
    `”” “”`

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