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should kids be able to go out of the building to eat lunch out in town. February 5, 2010

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18 Responses to “should kids be able to go out of the building to eat lunch out in town.”

  1. basketball30 Says:

    yes you can get better food

  2. milkman44 Says:

    yes becuse i thing going out for lunch is b etter

  3. Piedude41 Says:

    Yes, I want to have Burger King during school.

  4. umbreonluver5 Says:

    No because they might end up being real late for their next class because the restaraunt is on the far side of the town, and it would take longer to get back to school. And while there, they would probably lose track of time and be even later for the next class.

  5. pandagwen Says:

    Yes, we could have little credit card that the school gives us if we want to go out for lunch. Then they could de used like a debit card when we swipe it at where ever we want to eat it takes away from our lunch account at school.

  6. willdolk Says:

    yes cuz are food is terribal and fast food is alsum

  7. iluvcookiedoh98 Says:

    thats worlds easiest question….YES!!!!! school lunches get sooooo boring these dayz….i’d prefer McDonalds any day over that!

  8. colts318 Says:

    yes the bp is so close.

  9. ilovesnoop Says:

    Yes! kids should have to time to get away from the same building that they’re in 8 hours a day!

  10. glowy7 Says:

    yes but onily if the students wish to

  11. ilovecows16 Says:

    yes so they are not stuffed up in the schaool all day and some school luches are groses

  12. legofan123 Says:

    yes because then i would never have to bring my lunch again

  13. samlikesham98 Says:

    Well, not really. I’d love some McDonalds for lunc as much as all of you, but how would we get it? I mean, what other than BP do we have for lunch… But we do need better school lunches.


  14. volleyballchic06 Says:

    Well, no. What is someone is late for their next class because the restaurant is far away! and then they could have the risk of getting lost or doing something rude to other people. .

    • ilovecows16 Says:

      i think yes because you may get bord of wat you get at school and in the city they let you go out but i think you are righ about getting lost or doing something rude : )

      • volleyballchic06 Says:

        Exactly! If you are gonna go to school then you can’t expect to be entertained!! In the city it is more dangerous and more risk to get hurt and even killed.

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