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Middle school February 5, 2010

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Do you think that we should start middle school at 7th grade like schools usualy do it?


10 Responses to “Middle school”

  1. Miss Sammons Says:

    Actually, schools that start at 7th grade are usually called “Junior Highs” instead of “Middle Schools,” and there are usually alot of differences. One difference, for example, is junior highs usually don’t have Advisory…

    • dolphinlover10 Says:

      if those schools are alot differen’t, than how come it won’t be differen’t for us next year when we are in seventh grade

      • Miss Sammons Says:

        It will be alot different for you in 7th grade. You will have lockers, gym uniforms, and no recess. But besides that, you will not have a homeroom class that you go everywhere with. You will have different people in all of your classes. That is what it is like in a Junior High. In some schools, 6th grade is still part of the elementary school. If you go from an elementary school to a junior high school instead of a middle school, you usually go straight from having only one teacher for the entire day, to having lots of different teachers all day long. Junior highs are alot more like high school. Middle Schools try to get you ready for high school by gradually giving you the changes. Does that make sense?

  2. ilovesnoop Says:

    Actually, most schools do start at 6 grade!

  3. legofan123 Says:

    I like our school the way it is with the middle school like this>

  4. legofan456 Says:

    I like being in middle school because I like being in a different building than my brother.

  5. oyercha Says:

    hey if we were to change it now it would take longer to get to high school and i dont think any of us want that

  6. blessingroxmysox Says:

    i aggre with chase! we would take longer to get to high school

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