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Do you think we should be able to use i pods or mp3 players during school? February 5, 2010

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i definintally think their should be becasue that would make free time way more fun


12 Responses to “Do you think we should be able to use i pods or mp3 players during school?”

  1. benis1 Says:

    no because then it really gets on the teachers nerves and if there is a test the students arent going to get a very good grade.

  2. Piedude41 Says:

    Yes, we need to have music in school.

  3. basketball30 Says:

    yes because i think it will be fun.

  4. waterdrops17 Says:

    no becuz it would be distrating if people sing alone with the song

  5. meddr Says:

    no because there are people who have been stealing teachers things a while ago and they won’t be afraid to take something from a student.

  6. ittybitty77 Says:

    yes becuz i do better win i listen to music, like i would get my home work done better

  7. puppies0565 Says:

    no becuase some poeple don’t have and ipod touch or and Mp3 player so they would feel left out.

  8. umbreonluver5 Says:

    I agree with puppies0565; some people would feel left out since they didn’t have any kind of music player. I would like to be able to play my Ipod, but it wouldn’t be fair to others. So I would have to say no.

  9. i say yes and no becauz yes so duing hw or projects we can listen to it and no beccuase some peeps might listen to it while the teachers are talking

  10. I’d say yes because you could listen to music and calm down and you could awlays listen to it in your free time, but not during class.

  11. oyercha Says:

    yea it would make free time a whole lot more fun


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