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should they’re be computers in every classroom? February 4, 2010

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Yes, because if you needed


11 Responses to “should they’re be computers in every classroom?”

  1. iwrestle80 Says:

    Ya! i like computers.

  2. jtbowling Says:

    i think yes because we have to walk all the way to the computar lab.:-)

  3. megamush Says:

    We already have TWO computer labs, plus a teacher computer in almost every room. Adding more computers to the rooms…that’s too many. And it would cost a lot of money too, whereas we could be saving the money for more important things.

    • penguinhi9 Says:

      i disagree yet agree i think that we should have at least three computers in each classroom but at the same time i think that we already have enough computers in the building and also megamush we have 3 computer labs 🙂

  4. dolphinlover10 Says:

    I think that it would be so much easier and would take less time, and if people got on games when the teacher is teaching than it would be gone for the day

  5. ilovecows16 Says:

    yes i think that every one should have a laptop

  6. littlelelliedog97 Says:

    i think yes cause some people have certain classes like gifted and they might have online homework and sometimes you can’t even fit in the lab!


    • catlover997 Says:

      No we don’t have online homework in Gifted. Yes I think we should be able to have at least five computers in each class room because then we wouldn’t have to walk all the way down to the lab and instead of having all those books and papers we could just be taught on the computers.
      😉 Jamie

  7. i think yes just because

  8. jakechristopher Says:

    arent there already computers in every classroom

  9. benis1 Says:

    There already are some computers in every classroom

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