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Should the ps3 price be reduced or raised? February 4, 2010

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11 Responses to “Should the ps3 price be reduced or raised?”

  1. benis1 Says:

    Reduced so i can get one

  2. milkman44 Says:

    i want it to be redused

  3. basketball30 Says:


  4. spottedpigslucky13 Says:

    it should be reduced so someone can have one

  5. shamwowninja Says:


  6. idc because i dont play that but if i did i would say to lower it

  7. ninjaboy23 Says:

    I think it is fine at the price it is right now well maybe i just say that because i have one lol

  8. fballer18 Says:

    I think the PS3 price should be reduced because it cost to much and I want one

  9. jtbowling Says:

    redused so i can buy one that can play PS2 games on.§jacob§

  10. oyercha Says:

    yea some people dont have enough for them so if it was lowered they could


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