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Should lunch be longer? February 4, 2010

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42 Responses to “Should lunch be longer?”

  1. willdolk Says:


  2. umbreonluver5 Says:

    Ya!!!!!!!!!! Definitely!!

  3. basketball30 Says:


  4. Piedude41 Says:


  5. meddr Says:

    YEA!!!!! I sooo need more time then what i get! I’m one of the last ones eating!!!

  6. benis1 Says:

    yes because i always barely get to finish my lunch and is suc… really stinks

  7. puppies0565 Says:

    No becuase the school day would just been longer.

  8. basketball30 Says:


  9. milkman44 Says:


  10. Volleyballchic3 Says:

    YES!! Cuzx by the time we get through the line we only have like 5 min to eat. Also we need more time to socialize with our friends!

  11. marmar33 Says:

    YES! because we barley have time to eat when we want to get to recess!! And we take FOREVER for everyone to get through the lunch line!!

  12. elite101 Says:

    yea i think there should be a longer lunch so we get more time to eat are lunches and not have to worry about the time so you can get done and go to recess.

  13. wadefan3 Says:

    We get like no lunch time

  14. m3covo Says:

    YES! We should have more time to eat and have recess because the grade schoolers waste 15 minutes in their 30 min. time period while we would use it wisely.

  15. lilhuskey Says:

    i think so cause we dont get much time anyway and i like to talk to my friends but they need to dooble the recess cause we dont have much time to play tips and we need to stay active

  16. fballer18 Says:

    I think lunch should be longer because we have hardly have anytime time to eat when we get out of the lunch line

  17. djshortstuff Says:


  18. cheese2day Says:

    yeessssss because we never have enough time and we have to be pigs and scarf it all down to finish in 5 min.

  19. glowy7 Says:

    yes because i bariley have any time to eat and then everyone goes into the gym and you have to eat fast to get to recess

  20. iwrestle80 Says:

    I want lunch 2 b longer AND better.
    We should have the following foods:

    1. chicken fingers

    2. ribs

    3. steak

    4. cheese crust pizza

    5. pastries

    6. more pancakes!!!

  21. benchwarmer 6 Says:

    Yes lunch should be longer because this is are last year for lunch recese

  22. cheese2day Says:

    yeessssss because we never have enough time and we have to be pigs and scarf it all down to finish in 5 min.


  23. ninjaboy23 Says:

    recess and lunch should be extended

  24. silentblade14 Says:

    yes cause then we will actually get to eat our food and not throw half of it away!!!

  25. tristenhall Says:

    yes because by the time we get our food and sit down and stuff we have 5 min

  26. dolphinlover10 Says:

    Yeah because some people rush to get to recess and it would be nice to enjoy your food

  27. blessingroxmysox Says:

    yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss we need more time to eat and so yea and so ew yea

  28. catlover997 Says:

    yes i think we do need a longer lunch because we have like ten minuets of recess and that is not long enough.
    😉 Jamie

  29. basketball30 Says:

    yes i need more time to eat

  30. bigballer23 Says:

    hec yeah i love lunch

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