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Should kids not have to go to school? February 4, 2010

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14 Responses to “Should kids not have to go to school?”

  1. willdolk Says:

    on occasions

  2. littlelelliedog97 Says:


  3. umbreonluver5 Says:

    Kids gotta go to school. Sorry but, it’s just how things work.

  4. spottedpigslucky13 Says:

    i think a kid should have his/her choice

  5. glowy7 Says:

    kids should have to go to school but we could have a few more breakes

  6. elite101 Says:

    yes but ther should be more brakes to spend more time with your friends

  7. wadefan3 Says:

    no one needs to go to school if that not only 3 times a week

  8. silentblade14 Says:

    i think we should have to go to school but only 2 times a week and no homework and also school should only be 3 hours long 🙂

  9. lilhuskey Says:

    i think we should first of all because we can make more friends and second because we need to be smart

  10. iwrestle80 Says:

    Well, yes and no.

    Yes: We shouldn’t have to go school like for however many years we have go.

    No: We wouln’t get to see our friends!!!

  11. megamush Says:

    I don’t think some of you guys realize what the point of school really is. Of COURSE kids need to go to school (unless they’re sick). Knowing things like math, literature, and language skills are very important skills, even though some of you may not realize it, and if you don’t know them, then you will not be good in the future.
    If you’re an archetecht and you’re building a building but have no math skills, your building’s gonna fall.

  12. ilovecows16 Says:

    we sohould go we need to be smart

  13. samlikesham98 Says:

    We need school. I hate it sometimes, but it’s pretty much the only way I see most of my friends. It also gives us SMARTICLEZ!!!!!! And we need lots and lots of smarticlez for our job we’ll have in the future.


  14. milkman44 Says:

    no becuse i want to get a good edgacation

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