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should ipod’s be allowed during free time February 4, 2010

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17 Responses to “should ipod’s be allowed during free time”

  1. Piedude41 Says:


  2. basketball30 Says:


  3. puppies0565 Says:

    Yes becuase then you can share music.

  4. littlelelliedog97 Says:


  5. i say yes so yah dont have to be borded and just sit there and you can play and listen at the same time.

  6. umbreonluver5 Says:

    I would definitely love that, but the only problem is that some people don’t have Ipods. But I would DEFINITELY like that!!

  7. emilee23 Says:

    TOTALLY! i agree with the “yes people”!

  8. Volleyballchic3 Says:


  9. iwrestle80 Says:

    Yes!!!!! I luv music!!! I like owl city and lady gaga.

  10. fballer18 Says:

    Yea because I have an ipod touch and i would play my games.

  11. wadefan3 Says:

    yes i would use it all the time

  12. volleyballchic06 Says:

    Yes! I would listen to it all the time!

  13. ilovecows16 Says:

    yes we get bord alot=)=)=)=0

  14. oyercha Says:

    yea music is my life ♫


  15. megamush Says:

    NO. Some songs aren’t appropriate (wow, really?), and I know some sixth graders listen to them, and probably have them on their iPod.

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