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Should AR be in 6th grade? February 4, 2010

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15 Responses to “Should AR be in 6th grade?”

  1. benis1 Says:

    no because im a terrible reader

  2. Piedude41 Says:

    No way! I hated AR.

  3. jakechristopher Says:

    no because i hate to read and i fall asleep alot when i read and then i get in trouble by the teachers

  4. meddr Says:

    Piedude41 took exactly what i was thinking!!!

  5. umbreonluver5 Says:

    No thank you.

  6. lilhuskey Says:

    i think that it shouldnt because because we do like book reports and stuff and i didnt like it that much anyway

  7. glowy7 Says:

    not really as long as we have time to read some and i just plain dont like AR

  8. megamush Says:

    I personally don’t like AR, but I can see why some people would say yes. Some people don’t like reading, and the program can help them get reading more.

  9. catlover997 Says:

    I think we should have it as an option so it could be like for extra credit or something because i love reading but feel like it is kind of usless for me to read all the time even though i love it. also i always look at the ar points and think oh no if we still did ar i would be earning all those points but right now i get nothing for reading them.
    😉 Jamie

  10. Wolf 721 Says:

    Noooo! im a terrible reader and ar counts for like 1/7 of your reading grade

  11. legofan123 Says:

    now wway i hate ar

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