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Should students have to pass a state test in order to graduate middle school? February 2, 2010

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29 Responses to “Should students have to pass a state test in order to graduate middle school?”

  1. puppies0565 Says:

    i think we should take a test because if your not ready for the next grade you need to stay behind and relearn what you learned then. but if you go on you may not learn much.

  2. willdolk Says:

    No because a kid could be smarter than what the test shows.

  3. i think yes and no cuz some people arnt that smart and if they dont pass the test they might flunck out and fail and yes because i dont like taking test

  4. no because, well what will said

  5. littlelelliedog97 Says:

    i think no because some people don’t do good on tests

  6. meddr Says:

    I say no because thats what the begining of high school basically does. Then it teaches you more.

  7. catlover997 Says:

    i dont think we should have 2 cuz tests are really hard sometimes and stress peps out but yeah some peps get into high school that shouldnt be in it and drop out and feel like a failure 4 the rest of their lives cuz they end up working at like a fastfood resturand

  8. ittybitty77 Says:

    i think that they should have a test to show what u need to work on in high school

  9. glowy7 Says:

    no this is unfair to less smart people

  10. ilovecows16 Says:

    i think yes but at the same time i think no
    yes because so you could under stand things then not so u are prepaared
    no u would not be able to be with friends if the do not pass:)

    • dolphinlover10 Says:

      I think no because some people arn’t good at taking tests but no the stuff and yes because than you acutally know what the teacher is talking about

      • volleyballchic06 Says:

        I agree with you Jessie! I think no because some people are bad test takers but they are smart and its just harder for them to show it so NO! 🙂

  11. allycat7698 Says:

    I think no because some people are smart and aren’t test smart. So it’s not fair.

  12. megamush Says:

    I think no more than yes, because if you learned something at the beginning of the year (say August or September) and you have a test about it at the END of the year…well, you might not pass with flying colors. I don’t think it’s COMPLETELY fair to be judged on graduating, but I do think students must do something in order to show they understand.


    • penguinhi9 Says:

      I have to (even though i don’t want to)argue with megamush because i say yes because it says whether you are paying attention.

  13. monst3rfr33k Says:

    im not good at test at all
    🙂 TyTy 🙂

  14. hyperkiller Says:

    No because i won’t pass i well fail

  15. I think no. I hate tests.

  16. basketball30 Says:

    no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  17. Piedude41 Says:

    No to the fourth power!

  18. umbreonluver5 Says:

    No way because I know I feel kinda stressed while taking a test, and so I (sometimes) don’t do as good as I can.

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