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Should skateboards, ripsticks, bikes, etc. be banned from public places? February 2, 2010

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41 Responses to “Should skateboards, ripsticks, bikes, etc. be banned from public places?”

  1. willdolk Says:

    yess because some people can’t aford cars to get around.

  2. cheese2day Says:

    i think people should and shouldn’t it’s dangerous but people can also have fun.

  3. ittybitty77 Says:

    i think that yes in some places and no in some places

  4. pandagwen Says:

    Yes and no, because some people use public property like it’s there own.

  5. benis1 Says:

    No Because people love to go riding in public places because there is more space to ride and better spots to do radical tricks.

  6. puppies0565 Says:

    maybe some places like banks and and parking lots becuase you may never know when someone may get seriously hurt. but at parks and other places may be o.k.

  7. emilee23 Says:

    i think people should be able to because if they have no other way to get around, where are they going to get there transportation!!!!!!??

  8. willdolk Says:

    Yeah I think some places should ban them and some should keep them.

  9. shamwowninja Says:

    I think no because public places include parks and some parks are only skateboarding parks

  10. jakechristopher Says:

    no because what if someone didnt have a car so they had to use a bike

  11. glowy7 Says:

    onily in verry few places

  12. lilhuskey Says:

    i think that sometimes it should in big places if there isnt alot of people but if there isnt i wouldnt. but still u have 2 wory about people crashing and stuff and all of the responsabilaties.

  13. tristenhall Says:

    yes because you can get some down hill speed

  14. Miss Sammons Says:

    You guys are doing great! I think using bikes, etc is very helpful for transportation. However, it can also be dangerous to ride around and do tricks in parking lots. Make sure you are trying to convince people of why you feel you are right! Be persuasive!

  15. blessingroxmysox Says:

    i think so because otherwise no one under driving age could get any where!!! 🙂

  16. I think yes and no, yes because you don’t want to ride the bus and you might not have a car yet, and no because if your not careful you might run into someone and really hurt them, so I am kind of in the middle of this.

  17. ilovecows16 Says:

    i think that they should be alloud but only at surten places etc not churches 🙂

  18. blessingroxmysox Says:

    that would be sad!!!!!!!!!

  19. blessingroxmysox Says:


  20. blessingroxmysox Says:

    i mean seroiusly!!!!! we could not do that we would not learn!!

  21. hyperkiller Says:

    no because people that can’t afford cars need something to get around with or they will have to walk and thats not fun

  22. allycat7698 Says:

    I think yes because if it was like a church it is a place where people worship god and if some dude comes by on a skateboard it’s basically invasion of privacy.

  23. Mario Says:

    I wouldn’t want riding bikes to be banned (especially ripstik). I don’t know why they would stop all riding of ripstiks, bikes, ect.
    Does any body know why.?

  24. umbreonluver5 Says:

    They should be allowed at places like parks, but maybe banned from other places like parking lots and churches. And the problem with the bus is that not everyone lives by a bus stop.

  25. basketball30 Says:

    no some people that is the only place for them to do that kind of stuff

  26. ninjaboy23 Says:

    NO that is where i go to go on bikerides

  27. elite101 Says:

    no because it would not be fun to not be able to ride your rip-stix school

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