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Should hunting be allowed? February 2, 2010

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41 Responses to “Should hunting be allowed?”

  1. George Says:

    George george george of the jungle?

  2. ilovecows16 Says:

    i think that it should be alloud so animals do not over populate.:)

  3. jtbowling Says:

    hunting is ssssssssoooooooo awesome to watch and do (::)

  4. monst3rfr33k Says:

    hunting takes $k!ll
    and people need food like meat

  5. jtbowling Says:

    hunting is so awesome so long live the hunting world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. allycat7698 Says:

    I think so but you should only be allowed to kill so many animals a year!


  7. jtbowling Says:

    you are allowed to kill only certian animals in the wild.§jacob§

  8. volleyballchic06 Says:

    I agree that we should so that animals don’t over populate. I think that we can only kill a certain amount!

    ❤ Danielle

  9. samlikesham98 Says:

    Sure. With a permit or license, you should be able to hunt.


    • pandagwen Says:

      That’s not to hard to get though. Hunting for food is some what okay. But a lot of people just use the hides for decoration of just kill the animals for fun.

  10. i think no but yes i think no cuz i dont want to have animals disapear cuz i love animals and i say yes just like volleyballchic06 said i dont want them to over populate so like only can kill a few and not alot i hope that makes sense

  11. littlelelliedog97 Says:

    i don’t think it should be allowed because there are so many beautiful animals out there and why would you want to kill it just to look at its decapitated head?

  12. milkman44 Says:

    hunting takes $k!ll
    and people need food like meat

  13. basketball30 Says:

    hunting can give you food but it is killing all of our deer and they may become extinct

  14. willdolk Says:

    I think hunting should be allowed to hunt so there is no over population but u can only kill so many animals.

  15. pandagwen Says:

    Alot of time people JUST use the meat I mean use everything from the poor animal you killed if you’re going to kill it. So then you won’t have to use more.

  16. shamwowninja Says:

    I think hunting should be allowed because some animals tend to overpopulate

  17. spottedpigslucky13 Says:

    hunting should be aloud because if people don’t hunt very much than the population for that animal might grow

  18. Yes and no, overpopulation, i love animals.

  19. oyercha Says:

    yea as long as it’s controlled


  20. spottedpigslucky13 Says:

    i think it should be aloud because alot of people hunt for food and it is fun some people harvest the animal and then stuff to make it look cool

  21. jtbowling Says:

    i think that hunting is something a family does for a living.§jacob§:-)

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