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Should 6th graders have lockers? February 2, 2010

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71 Responses to “Should 6th graders have lockers?”

  1. willdolk Says:

    yessssssssssssssss we should because I don’t really like desk.

    • Peyton Roop Says:

      I don’t like desks either because you don’t have alot of room for your stuff.

      • mssolvie Says:

        I think it would be great for 6th graders to have lockers. It would free up some classroom space so that their bags, coats, shoes, etc. are not piled up in the back of the room. Those students who are athletes would also have a place for their sports bags. It would also keep students from walking all over each others items when they are on the ground. I would still like to see them keep their school supplies & books in their homeroom desks, but it would be great for them to have a place for all their personal stuff.

      • djshortstuff Says:

        i know, i agree with u peyton and will

      • cheerleader28 Says:

        i think that we should have lockers too cause then no clutter with desks and coats and bags and hi miss sammons and everyone

      • jakechristopher Says:

        i agree i cant close my desk!

  2. i think yes because some peoples desks dont shut and lockers have more room and you can keep your persnal sruff in there and have it locked and in you desk any one can take it and it is not locked

  3. catlover997 Says:

    Yes I think we should be allowed to have lockers in 6th grade because our desks are to small to hold all of our books and extra stuff.

  4. umbreonluver5 Says:

    I agree with volleyballchic02 because I know that my own desk doesn’t shut all the way and I would like some more room for my school stuff.

  5. littlelelliedog97 Says:

    i think 6th graders should have lockers because they can keep personal things and there isn’t a giant part of the room holding all of it. also some desks don’t close.

  6. puppies0565 Says:

    no becuase we still are in the 4th, 5th, 6th grade hall way and theres not much room. also if we had lockers we wouldn’t have much space to put the work we did in class. also what if you forgot your locker combination and can’t get in or what if you forgot what locker is yours.

    • djshortstuff Says:

      first of all, there is a lot of room, second, we would also have desks for the work we did in class and also accordian folders, and third, the office has all the locker combinations in a big book, fourth, they have #s on the lockers, so are u going to change ur mind cause i just vetoed all ur reasons

  7. paperboy55 Says:

    heck yeah! i don’t like the desks they stink

  8. benis1 Says:

    no because i might forget the combination thing.

  9. raegans Says:

    Yes! Because that would be fun to have and we dont have very much room in our desks…

  10. tristenhall Says:

    YES!!!!! because you wont half to worry about people steeling stuff out if your bag like someone stole 2 things out of my desk

    • umbreonluver5 Says:

      Yeah, I agree with you Tristen because I am always worrying that someone’s going to take something out of my desk cuz it’s always open wide enough so that someone could steal something from the tray thing in there.

  11. Miss Sammons Says:

    Awesome ideas! Pandagwen, you are right! It does look like a washing machine threw up on our coat rack! I think it would be great if you guys had lockers. If you forget your combination, you can get someone to help you. Eventually, you will have it memorized.

    Don’t forget to give good, strong reasons for your thoughts!

  12. legofan123 Says:

    Yes because then we could just sit in the chairs and have no desks

  13. ilovecows16 Says:

    yes so that you dont have to go back to the class room all the time
    then no one could take things from you bag:)

  14. legofan456 Says:

    I think we should have lockers because they are good to keep stuff in.

  15. hyperkiller Says:

    I say yes because then people can’t look at your personal items

  16. legofan456 Says:

    No they are not!

  17. blessingroxmysox Says:

    yea that would be soooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    : )

  18. blessingroxmysox Says:


  19. volleyballchic06 Says:

    I agree with having lockers because we don’t have that much space in our desks and I hate having people’s coats and bags next to mine because what if their sick??? ew. 😛

  20. blessingroxmysox Says:

    yea !! 😛

  21. blessingroxmysox Says:

    if some ien is sick , you dont want toget sick then we should have lockersd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d:

  22. blessingroxmysox Says:

    is * :P*

  23. blessingroxmysox Says:

    hey lego fan 123 what do u mean augring with our self?? im not??!!

  24. blessingroxmysox Says:

    im not aruging!!

  25. megamush Says:

    Well, if you sort of think about it, lockers are smaller than desks. Lots of things you put into lockers are “larger things”, like coats, jackets, your books, etc. And once you get all your things in there, you realise there isn’t too much extra room.

    I sort of prefer desks more, but I wouldn’t care too much if we got lockers either.


  26. tokyo15 Says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If weeeeeeeeee get lockers then weeeeeeee get privacy which is important . Than I could hide a pie in it and take a piece every time i pass it.

    • megamush Says:

      Ummm…lockers aren’t a place for PIES, Brandon. That would be a BAKERY.

      But I do like the idea of lockers too.

  27. dolphinlover10 Says:

    I think we shoud too because than who have your space for your stuff

  28. volleyball18 Says:

    yeah we should have lockers because we dont want people going through our stuff! ☻

  29. allycat7698 Says:

    Yes because some people are pack rats and their desk isn’t big enough for them. Also I think it would be fun!

    C(“)(“) Ha Ha look at the bunny

  30. basketball30 Says:

    lockers are cool

  31. milkman44 Says:

    i think there should becuse i love reading

  32. sevaman Says:

    I believe that 6th grade should have lockers so we have more space to put our stuff/junk.

  33. elite101 Says:

    yes because so we can have more room to but are stuff in

  34. drumhero3 Says:

    legofan456 r u related with legofan123????

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