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Should the driving age be raised to 18? January 29, 2010

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37 Responses to “Should the driving age be raised to 18?”

  1. Peyton Roop Says:

    I don’t think that driving should be raised until your 18 because you are going into college and you wouldn’t have a lot of driving experiance. Therefore your liable to get into a crash easier.

    • mssolvie Says:

      Peyton, what if students were able to take driver’s ed, have a driver’s permit at 16 and were able to drive with supervision for 2 years? For example, at ages 16-17 they could drive with an adult in the car. Then they actually get their final driver’s license when they are 18. That way they get the experience they need, but are not actually driving alone for 2 years. Do you think 2 years is too long to drive with supervision?

  2. benis1 Says:

    Absolutly not because then i hate wating and if the age is rased to 18 then i have to wait for a whole two years

  3. emilee23 Says:

    i think the law should be raised to eighteen because there is alot of young, not mature drivers out there. therefore, the law SHOULD be raised 🙂

  4. umbreonluver5 Says:

    Yes, because at age sixteen, they actually don’t have part of their brain. By age eighteen, they should have that part of their brain. Besides, I actually want to be at an older age when /I/ start driving

  5. paperboy55 Says:

    i dont think that it should be because i would like to know how to drive before i am a adult

  6. i dont think that they should raise the age because when u r yonger you could know how to drive better when u r older

  7. ittybitty77 Says:

    no cuz im realy close to bein able to drive
    ❤ aero

  8. glowy7 Says:

    i agree with peyton

  9. djshortstuff Says:

    i dont think kids should have to wear school uniforms

  10. allycat7698 Says:

    Yes because when your 18 your more aware of your matureness and your surrondings. So, with that you are less likely to get into an accident.

    • djshortstuff Says:

      nope, ur totally WRONG, even if u are more mature u are still wrong, u do not get more mature when u get older, u get more mature at ur own pace, it depends on the person, not the age <damion long

  11. I think yes and no again because when you are 18 you are supposed to be more responcible but even then you sometimes go out of controll, no because I want to drive when I am 16, so no because as long as your not texting, calling, or surfing the web on a phone or laptop I guess its ok.

    • djshortstuff Says:

      let me guess, this is mary, i am only guessing this cause when we had these debates in class u always said, yes and no <damion long

  12. volleyballchic06 Says:

    I think that the limit should be raised to 18 and then have a driving permit for 2 or 3 years for more practice and then people would have less accidents because of early drivers! The only bad part is that students text and lots of people are killed because of drivers texting! 😦

    • samlikesham98 Says:

      I agree. But if I crash, might my ‘driving buddy’ be killed or injured with me?

    • catlover997 Says:

      i sort of agree with you bcuz a lot of accidents do happen that way also bcuz the peps werent very responsible but we wouldnt really get all that extra practice bcuz then the peps who teach us drivers ed and all that stuff would think oh well they still have at least 2 years until they really have to learn how to drive so we’ll wait until then to teach them, also wouldnt u want to drive in high school and have a car, lastly the peps who get in car accidents from texting while they drive are breaking the law so yeah ;P

  13. thecrow666 Says:

    well i say no because i want to drive earlier but it would lessen the teenage deaths

  14. hyperkiller Says:

    No because people will want to get cars for there birthday with they are 16 and when they have there drivers liscence

  15. ilovecows16 Says:

    yes but not untill i get my licens or u get ur prentet at 14 and get your actule licens at 18☺☻♥

  16. littlelelliedog97 Says:

    yes because there are a lot of careless 16 year old drivers

  17. milkman44 Says:

    i don’t think so because i world like to drive before i am an adult

  18. megamush Says:

    If you read the news, you hear about a lot of sad things related to teens and early driving.
    I hear a lot of you guys saying you don’t want the law because you WANT to drive early.
    I think it would be great to drive early at 16, but I think it would be much safer to wait until you’re 18.

  19. puppies0565 Says:

    Yes becuase most kids at the age 16 end up to be reclace drivers and end up in many car crashes and end up to be seriously injured.

  20. waterdrops17 Says:

    i think the driving should be rasied to 18 because it would keep a lot of teens out of acidents

  21. basketball30 Says:

    i think no because driving teaches you responsibility and that can help you later in life

  22. milkman44 Says:

    i dont think it should be raised becuse i want to drive before i am 18 and i dont want to what for the bus in high schoo;

  23. shamwowninja Says:

    I think yes because there are too many stupid drivers out there who do not care about the rules of the road and who drive like maniacs

  24. Piedude41 Says:


  25. Volleyballchic3 Says:

    No! That is not fair at all that we would have to wait till 18 but all of the older people got theirs when they were 16!

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