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Should students be allowed to text during their extra time at school? January 29, 2010

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95 Responses to “Should students be allowed to text during their extra time at school?”

  1. pandagwen Says:

    No, because school is for learning not for talking to friend when you become an adult you can text all you want, but get as much learning in as you can.

  2. peyton roop Says:

    I think texting should be allowed at school because if you forget something at home you can just text your parents instead of walking down the school to call them

  3. meddr Says:

    No because people will think its ok to text during class and lie. We already have many privileges.

  4. catlover997 Says:

    i agree 2 cuz its a long walk down the hall way to call ur parents

  5. umbreonluver5 Says:

    Only if it’s an emergency, like if you need to get ahold of your parent(s).

  6. i think that you should be able to txt in ur free time and so u can get ahold of your parents and if you forget a number you can just look it up on you fone

  7. puppies0565 Says:

    no becuase if the message is so important that you rrrreeeaaalllyy need to tell that person why not go and tell them in person?!? also what if while you’re texting you end up sending a mixed message.

  8. littlelelliedog97 Says:

    i think people should NOT be allowed to text because people get left out

  9. colts318 Says:

    I think u should be aloud 2 text in school cause’ it’s good 4 kids and helps them focus.

  10. schula Says:

    I think that we should be able to text in school to pass free time.

  11. iwrestle80 Says:


  12. iwrestle80 Says:


  13. ninjaboy23 Says:

    You don’t want to have to walk to the office i agree with peyton all the way

  14. lilhuskey Says:

    i think that we should if we have them but probly only when we go to TVHS

  15. iwrestle80 Says:

    What is peyton’s username? P.S> I bet you don’t know who I am!

  16. volleyballchic06 Says:

    I think yes! Because students might need to contact a parent and there would be less talking….well…..that parts not a guarantee! 😀

  17. blessingroxmysox Says:

    i think no we would b on the phone insted of learning!~!!!!!!!!!!! i mean ya no way!!

  18. thecrow666 Says:

    i would personaly say yes because it would decrease the amount of talking that goes on in the classroom and it lets you talk to people in other classes but there are some rebutals

  19. monst3rfr33k Says:

    i think we should so we can socialize 🙂

  20. allycat7698 Says:

    No because it’s just another way to get bullied in school. Also, you can text test answers back and forth. :)*

  21. samlikesham98 Says:

    No… I text people I’m sure to much, so being able to do that at school would make me absolutely HOOKED. I don’t care about that, but my mom does…lol :p

  22. cheerleader28 Says:

    i think no cause when people are in fights they will trash talk over txting cause then all it will come out to is nothing but bad comments

  23. ilovecows16 Says:

    drama will start:)

  24. volleyball18 Says:

    no because texting starts a lot of drama!

  25. walters19 Says:

    I think txtin should be aloud cuz there would be less talking! but the only bad thing is that there would be some trash talk about people. And i like to socialize with peeps.

  26. YES!, because I have to share a fun so we go every other week and so I hardly get to txt at home cuz’ of homework, so we deffinately need to be able to txt ant school at school and if someone says something rude we can shut it down then and at least we could have tryied it rather than never try it. ☻

  27. hyperkiller Says:

    Yes because it will be something extra to do during free time and it will be fun to text:) ☻♠♣♥☺♦•◘☻◘○•☺☻☺☻♥

  28. walters19 Says:

    Well now that i think bout it i kinda say no now!!! 🙂

  29. hyperkiller Says:


  30. monst3rfr33k Says:


  31. jeffhuebner Says:

    What if everyone spent an entire week only texting good stuff to people? I wonder how that would impact the general drama of texting. Clearly we all create our own issues with this bullying stuff…Think any of us could ‘uncreate’ issues with it?

  32. iwrestle80 Says:


  33. iwrestle80 Says:

    I mean, why shouldn’t we? It’s not gonna hurt anyone! There are tons of good reasons:

    1. Less Talking. More TXTing.

    2. Seriously. It’s FREE time.

    3. You can report cyberbullying to teachers.

  34. Piedude41 Says:

    I have to go with yes, we should be able to text.

  35. basketball30 Says:


  36. ittybitty77 Says:

    im all for no txtin in school what so ever

  37. willdolk Says:

    I think just in free time not anytime else.

  38. waterdrops17 Says:

    i think we should becuz instead of walking down the hall way to call ur parents but u dont get much privece becuz the teachers are right there!!!

  39. jakechristopher Says:

    no because they could be texting bad things

  40. elite101 Says:

    yea so we can text are mom or dad to get something that we forgot when we left

  41. elite101 Says:


  42. blessingroxmysox Says:

    (/ /)

  43. basketball30 Says:

    yes because you can text your parents if you need something

  44. Wolf 721 Says:

    yes because some people can go on the internet on their fone and they can also play games, call and txt people, and take pics

  45. jtbowling Says:

    i think yes because i could contact my parents if i needed to.§jacob§

  46. walters19 Says:

    I am gonna change my mind i am gonna say no now because drama!! and some people would be left out!!! and then they would have nothing to do! becuase then every one would be txting and so ya!!!!

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